Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Behaviour

Achieving sustainable, equitable and resilient urban development requires concerted action and behavioural change across the entire urban ecosystem, ranging from governmental policies to industrial processes to choices made by businesses and individuals. This necessitates resources to empower cities to deepen their commitment towards environmental sustainability and ensure a just and equitable transition to net zero GHG emissions.

Discover India's Resilient Routes: A living testament to the innate wisdom of indigenous communities, fostering restorative and sustainable practices amidst a world of uncertainty

Discover India's sustainable journey: Witness the pioneering initiatives transforming communities through solar power, wind energy, green spaces, and electric mobility.

Step into a world where waste becomes opportunity, and every discarded item finds new life in a symphony of sustainability at our Circular Economy exhibition

Rediscover the city's heartbeat as two wheels paint a vibrant canvas of freedom, connection, and exploration in this captivating exhibition.

Step into the realm of sustainability and witness the power of choices at our exhibition, where the CO2 emissions Calculator unveils the transformative impact of switching from a conventional vehicle to an EV.

In the heart of our bustling metropolis, a revolution in urban mobility is taking place. It tells the stories of a community on the move, embracing the freedom and eco-consciousness that cycling brings.

Accelerating Climate Finance

Increased investment and direct access to sustainable financing is critical for cities to deliver their climate ambition. Orienting climate financing towards increasing investment needs in urban infrastructure, Nature-based Solutions and low-emissions technologies is a huge opportunity to build the readiness of cities for climate adaptation and reduce emissions.

In the realm of combating climate change, where hope meets financial innovation, a revolution is underway. Climate finance refers to the financial resources, investments, and funding mechanisms aimed at supporting projects, initiatives, and policies that mitigate and adapt to climate change. It encompasses a wide range of financial activities, instruments, and institutions that mobilize funds and allocate resources to address the challenges posed by climate change.

Welcome to the Climate Finance Project Wall, an immersive experience that unravels the intricate tapestry of sustainable development through the lens of financial innovation.

The Climate Finance Fact Wall - a vibrant tapestry of facts and figures comes into view. Each piece of information represents a building block, a vital element that unveils the transformative potential of climate finance. From investment trends to success stories, this captivating mosaic serves as a gateway to understanding the profound impact of financial mechanisms in reshaping our world.

Championing Local Identity

In an ever-globalizing world, understanding and strengthening local practices and economies in an inclusive manner can provide substantial benefits for long term resilience (particularly in times of global downturns and pandemic events). Thinking locally helps leverage traditional place-specific knowledge about sustainable building design, resource conservation, disaster management, etc. This will require action on several fronts such as design-thinking rationale, local economic development, boosting cultural and creative economies, protecting historical and cultural assets, etc.

Step into the captivating journey of Ahmedabad's history as you explore our exhibit panel. Follow the timelines that trace significant events, from ancient settlements to the birth of a thriving metropolis. Uncover the rich heritage and cultural influences that have shaped Ahmedabad into the vibrant city it is today. Immerse yourself in this immersive experience and witness the remarkable evolution of Ahmedabad.

Urban Chowk is to serve as a central hub of information, connectivity, and engagement for the U20 delegates. A traditional Urban Chowk encourages dialogue, participation, and inclusivity, promoting a sense of ownership and shared responsibility among community members.

Explore the architecture of Gujarati through exhibit panel featuring a traditional Pol houses in Ahmedabad. Marvel at the vibrant colors and intricate details, with a special focus on the traditional windows. These windows embody the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Gujarat, inviting you to delve into the captivating stories of its architectural legacy.

Embark on a visual journey celebrating India's kaleidoscopic heritage and dynamic local economy. Behold a captivating graphic that brings to life the tapestry of cultures, traditions, and thriving markets. Witness the harmonious fusion of ancient grandeur and vibrant commerce that fuels our nation's prosperity. Immerse yourself in this captivating mosaic and experience the vibrant heartbeat of India's rich cultural heritage and local economy

Ensuring Water Security

Freshwater scarcity and flood risks are major global crises. Increased ecological vulnerability of water resources is going to severely limit the potential of future development and result in public health issues and social conflicts. Water should be treated as a global common good and sustainable water management should be mainstreamed to ensure water security and flood resilience for future generations

Dive into the world of water security as you explore our exhibit panel showcasing compelling statistics. Discover the staggering numbers that shed light on the critical importance of safeguarding our water resources.

Learn about the water innovation as you explore the exhibit panel with 12 transformative projects. From stormwater management to water supply and wastewater treatment, witness cutting-edge solutions shaping sustainable urban living. Immerse yourself in visionary initiatives for a water-secure future where our cities thrive sustainably.

Embark on a voyage along the Water Value Chain, and witness the remarkable journey water undertakes, from its source to its ultimate purpose. The Water Value Chain embodies the symbiotic relationship between society, industry, and the environment.

In the vast ocean of challenges and opportunities, water policies stand as beacons of hope, guiding us toward a future where the abundance and equitable distribution of this precious resource become a reality.

Catalising Digital Urban Future

Increased investment and direct access to sustainable financing is critical for cities to deliver their climate ambition. Orienting climate financing towards increasing investment needs in urban infrastructure, Nature-based Solutions and low-emissions technologies is a huge opportunity to build the readiness of cities for climate adaptation and reduce emissions.

An intriguing projection of binary code on the wall sets the stage for an immersive experience. Next to the game tablet, on one end you'll find the text that introduces the Urban Outcomes Framework 2022, a powerful amalgamation of four comprehensive frameworks and on the other India's Macro Urban Scenario.

Welcome to "Embracing the Online Realm." As you step into this captivating space, your attention is drawn to a digital screen that opens the doors to a fascinating world of data-driven decision-making. Each tile holds the promise of discovery, redirecting you to a realm where information and insights converge. With a simple click, you will embark on a journey that unravels the intricate web of urban development and unveils the power of data in shaping our cities.

Welcome to Urban Check. Get ready to immerse yourself in a game that challenges your knowledge and understanding of urban outcomes, as you explore the remarkable potential of this groundbreaking framework. Let the adventure begin!

Welcome to the world of digital techniques in Urban India. Explore captivating case studies showcasing best practices that have transformed cities through technology. Discover how digital solutions optimize resources, enhance citizen engagement, and revolutionize urban planning. Immerse yourself in the stories of success and witness the transformative power of digital innovation.

Reinventing Frameworks for Urban Governance and Planning

Rapid urbanization has led to the emergence of spatial patterns like city-regions, metropolitan areas, peri-urban growth, conurbations, urban-rural continuum etc., necessitating frameworks for strategic planning and multi-level governance to ensure coordination among multiple administrative jurisdictions and ensure provision of affordable housing and urban services to all. Cities also need to be supported in implementing urban renewal of degraded and vulnerable built environments.

Unveiling the Urban Missions Information Wall, Inspiring India's Path to Progress. This is a captivating space that showcases the visionary initiatives propelling India towards a future of inclusive, sustainable, and resilient cities through master plans and development plans of 15 Indian cities.

To leverage the digital opportunities for sustained improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of municipal service to citizens. The UPYOG program will assist the municipal bodies across India to improve service delivery mechanism, achieve better information management & transparency and ensure utmost citizen’s involvement in participative governance.

By focusing on urban governance, India aims to create vibrant, livable, and resilient cities. Explore the National and state-level policies, such as the Smart Cities Mission, AMRUT Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which have been introduced to guide urban governance and support the development of cities.

The City Action Plan emerges as a beacon of hope and progress, igniting the flame of change and propelling our urban landscape into a brighter future. Look into the action plans of Indian cities, not just as a vision but as a comprehensive strategy that encompasses every aspect of our urban existence. Lets start connecting through building each other capacity on the action plans.